Cleaning & Care


Every effort should be made to keep your Bowerella Bows clean. Our bows are NOT machine washable, and care should be taken when spot cleaning, as the fabrics may lose their sheen or finish when exposed to liquids and cleaning products. We are not responsible for any damage to your Bowerella Bows caused by attempts to clean them.

At some point, the pony on your Bowerella Bow may break. We do not manufacture the ponys, and therefore we cannot guarantee the life span of the pony on any of our bows. You can help extend the life of your pony by making sure you use a different pony to secure your hair and use your Bowerella Bow pony only to hold the bow in your hair.

The fastest way to destroy a bow is to carry it around attached to your backpack. While it's fashionable to cover your backpack with bows, Bowerella Bows are not meant to withstand the rough treatment they receive while attached to backpacks. We are not responsible for any damage to our bows that are placed on backpacks. We do offer backpack/bag bows as an option to decorate your backpack. While they too will be damaged over time, backpack/bag bows are a less expensive alternative.